photo-42HOP Ledger

HOP Ledger is more than a technology
It’s a strategy.
The HOP Ledger project aim to embedded pearls and jewels certificates in the permanent and secure worldwide blockchain network.



The blockchain network is a really big record book based on thousands worldwide computers linked together able to maintain forever the pearls and jewels certificates.

Records in the blockchain are impossible to tamper with or forge.

That entries in the blockchain can never be changed and are secure.

This makes for the perfect record keeping technology.

Recording it in a transaction on the blockchain works like a time stamp.

This technology is already used worldwide to create legal proof.

Certificates  are sealed forever, valid worldwide, legally binding and their authenticity can be easily verified.


HOP Ledger works like a permanent and immutable ledger for pearls and jewels certification with a unique identifier.

HOP Ledger is fully compatible with your homemade certificates.

Just provide your certificates in a JPEG or PDF format to the HOP Ledger.

We will embed them for you in the blockchain and give you back the information on the transaction that prove it has been embedded in the blockchain network.


Download you certificat below (PDF or JPEG)
We will send you back the Hash 256 corresponding and the instructions.


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Upload your certificat here

How does it work ?


Create your own certificate or load the certificate example form.

Apart from text and pictures, PDF files can contain other information such as logical parts, pictures, tables and signature if needed.

The document size is not limited.

Upload your PDF in the HOP Ledger certification program.

From your document we calculate automatically a unique ID number.

To do that we use a Secure Hash Algorithm SHA 256 that give us a unique ID Number like this one:




We had automatically complementary security and identification coding to give an information compatible with the blockchain network.

We send it to the blockchain public ledger maintained in the decentralized bitcoin cryptocurrency network.

You don't have to worry about your data being accessed by others in the blockchain.

Your document is NOT stored in the bitcoin blockchain.

In return we get an acknowledge ID Transaction number which has allowed the inclusion of the data block we have submitted like this one (example) :





The unique ID transaction number:


may be certified using any standard blockchain explorer like the following.

(Your document is NOT stored in the bitcoin blockchain) and others.


Your ID certificate transaction is already embedded forever in the Blockchain network with a legal time stamp.

Hop Ledger Stamping certificate (Example)

PDF file name:             YourCertificatName.pdf

SHA256:                       45A7B8A4C84C26254717721552E92811D9AD51A48D9BE6FA3BD76A32C0D95743

HOP Ledger code added xxxxxxxx (details are given on the HOP Ledger blochain digital stamping certificate)

Blockchain Transaction ID number:


Received Time             Apr 16, 2016 11:08:24 AM

Mined Time                 Apr 16, 2016 11:08:24 AM

Included in Block number:            407 523

Block Hash                  000000000000000003c3d2318abb27bad0217fb7383690000cb875d9c3a2dc71


Proof of existence.
Your blockchain transaction ID number is now independently verifiable by anyone in the world.